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French Day, Sports Day, MOSI visit, JESC, BMX fun, Summer Banquet and Graduation

What a lot of events to fit into a short space of time. This half term has been jam-packed with fun and work in equal measure.

The French Day was really encouraging, with students practising their French and having a go. There were special lessons and French stories, a midday meal together of croque monsieur and tartes aux fruits, and other enjoyment. The students have made great progress in ability and confidence in one year.

For Sports Day we joined with Covenant Christian School and much hilarity ensued. There was great camaraderie and some excellent competition.

The Lower School visited the Museum of Science and Industry and their eyes and their minds were alight with interest.

The Junior School were aided to prepare some platform and music events for Junior Student Convention (JESC) which we travelled over to Dewsbury in Yorkshire to compete against and share with Branch School. The performances were really moving and successful.

A great end of term treat was had at the velodrome when the Upper School went BMXing and moguls and ramps and various things that this typist didn’t quite understand were a great delight to the students who participated.

Summer Banquet and Graduation have been lovely. As usual we had some wonderful guests, friends of the school and family and one family were able to travel from Canada! The day was very blessed. The worship was led by 2 of the Seniors and one of the Junior students and very well done. The food was delicious and beautiful in great abundance – a real banquet. The performances were excellent. It was superlative. We had a few graduations also. There was a Preschool class, ABCs, Year 8 and ICCE General Certificate graduation. We fellowshipped together, worshipped together, ate and drank together and laughed and cried together (yes, at least one of the performances was that good). A great way to finish the school year.

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Every Autumn Term we celebrate together with a Harvest Festival.  We share a meal made from the vegetables that the families have brought in and we take other food to the local charities. Last year a local food bank was very grateful to receive our help and this year we will be collecting for the food bank again.

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June Open Day Flyer websiteWe are very pleased to invite people to our Open Day on 18th June 2016, 1-3 pm.  Please see the flyer above for more details, or download it to print off (below).

King of Kings School Open Day Flyer for website

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WP_20150703_003Jesus Loves You (Chinese)We’ve been enjoying new Chinese lessons this term.  This is for the whole school and the students are very enthusiastic.  The first lesson included learning to form Chinese characters with brushes. This new enjoyment hasn’t interfered with the Juniors singing French songs at the top of their voices (and in good tune!).  The students in the Juniors are making such good progress, that they are ready for Latin next term.  Meanwhile we have the exciting prospect of our French language exchange in October.  A group of students from a Christian school in Switzerland will be visiting and we are teaming up with Covenant Christian School to host them.  The return trip will be in the Spring and we’re prepping our conversational skills.


The green-fingered Infants have been very busy and successful this term.  There are tomatoes, beans, chillis, lavender and various other interesting plants here.  We’re looking forward to an activity day with Covenant Christian School this week, followed by our annual Summer Banquet.   We have friends old and new coming to eat, fellowship and enjoy the children’s performances.  They’ll probably get a good opportunity to enjoy the lovely displays that the Infants, Preschool and Juniors have been working on.


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King of Kings School’s 3rd Educating for Eternity Conference was on Saturday 21st June. Venue: Heaton Moor Evangelical Church

Matt HollowayWorship: Matt Holloway, former Christian school student, now homeschool parent. He blessed us with his enthusiasm, humility and skill, welcoming everyone to worship.

Mark G

First speaker: Mark Golamhossen spoke on the title, ‘Does God have Grandchildren?’  Mark discussed people’s individual responsibility to accept Jesus for themselves and, therefore, the need for discipleship.  He talked about being persuasive in your evangelism and not assuming that it doesn’t affect the children, or that they will naturally drift into Christianity.

The feedback for Matt and Mark was very positive.  People felt that the worship had prepared their hearts for the rest of the day and that Mark was interesting, informative and challenging.

We invited Pascale Lord to share a testimony, whose children attended Christian school before God led her to homeschool.  Pascale was followed by Christine Lewis, who was talking about her experience of meeting her husband and how she could see the effects of Christian education very clearly and positively in her husband.  She spoke about how broad and strong his education was.

cream cakes!

kitchen kindness

We had a break with cakes.  We enjoyed the hospitality and the time that people had to share with each other.

Beth Green

After the break we welcomed Dr Beth Green, who had chosen the topic ‘Against the Flow’.  Beth spoke beautifully on the topic.  People felt she was ‘informative, thought-provoking and relevant’. Beth was followed by the two Christian schools who had sent representatives, Covenant and King of Kings.  Head Teachers, Roger Slack and Brenda Lewis, reported on their schools at the moment.  Mrs Lewis mentioned the current newspaper coverage and adversity and John Lewis, her son, who had that week appeared on Newsnight, debating with Jeremy Paxman, defending Christian Education and the ACE curriculum particularly.

Lunch was a great time to share again and was served very kindly by various teachers and parents from King of Kings.  We started the afternoon session with a song from David Balogun, a former King of Kings student, MOBO Award nominated Gospel singer.  David recently won an award for ‘Best music video of the year’.

Dr LewisPhilip Lewis followed David with his talk.  Philip Lewis had offered at 10 pm the night before to step in, in place of Nigel Steele, the billed speaker, who had suddenly been taken ill.  Nigel was too sick to travel up from Gloucester, but his prayers were with us.  Nigel is well again, praise God, and was very interested to hear how the conference had gone.  Dr Lewis spoke (as if he’d been preparing for quite some time) on the title of this year’s conference, ‘As for me and my house: we will serve the Lord.’  This is a verse that has been up in the hallway of his house for many years and a verse by which he has lived.  He spoke about the pressing need for Christian education and for us to communicate with the pastors on this and to persuade them. This was followed by the testimony of a new student.

We finished with a question panel.  The questions mainly focused on people’s frustrations with trying to get people involved or in not seeing enough done to promote Christian Education, and what especially bothered them was the apathy of the churches and church leaders.  This was the theme of many questions and suggestions in the feedback forms.  It was exciting that people were on the same page. 

It was all a great encouragement.  Many people attended the conference and made it a great day.

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