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We have been using Introduction to Computer Science course based on the “Hour of Code” initiative for a number of years. This innovative course introduces core computer science and programming concepts. The course is designed for use in classrooms for students from ages five to 14, but it is fun to learn at all ages. It was created with the help of engineers from Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter and contains elements from popular games like “Angry Birds” to hold the students’ interest. Learning is delivered via a mixture of “Unplugged” activities (generally paper-based exercises to introduce Computer Science concepts) and computer-based activities.

ict-02Our Senior students take the ECDL qualification as part of their ICCE Certificates.  ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) is known as ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence) outside of Europe.  ECDL is the international standard in end-user computer skills.  It provides a practical programme of up-to-date skills and competencies consisting of 7 modules, each validated by a test.  It is a high-quality, internationally-recognised certification designed, validated, and approved by international experts. Students take training on each module of the syllabus prior to taking the test for that module.

The Seniors’ are studying Khan Academy Coding in IT lessons. They have been studying an introduction to Java Script, using Java Script language and the processing Java Script library to produce drawings and animations.


ict-01We use Futurekids to support our ICT teaching.  It is a full, fun and interactive introduction to the use of all main Windows programmes.  It covers an introduction to Word Processing, Excel spreadsheets, Publisher, dealing with images, Power Point and Web design.  The students are able to produce interesting, useful and professional pieces of work that serve them well as a great launchpad for dealing with computers in various spheres of life.

 In the Lower School the students have loads of fun using a mixture of Simple City computer activities which teach them, through various places (farm, recycling, vets and doctors), to use the computer and the mouse independently. They quickly learn to navigate the computer and follow instructions and take control. They learn coding through the Hour of Code, like the Juniors. They have a range of exciting activities such as Star Wars, Angry Birds, etc. Codeapillar is our newest addition to the computer and coding fun. The children set him off, organise the order to help him get from A to B and giggle a lot. He has a range of specific instructions and the children work together to help him move from place to place.