Admissions procedure:

  • • Request Prospectus and Admission Enquiry Form.  This can be done through the online application on this website, or by phone, letter, or email.  (See ‘Apply Online’ and ‘Contact Us’ for more information).
  • •  Return Admission Enquiry Form and arrange to visit the school.
  • •  Visit school.
  • • Arrange an interview with Mrs. Lewis and another member of staff. Both parents and child are required to attend.
  • • A date will be arranged for baseline or diagnostic testing. This costs £50 per family.
  • •  The final decision will be communicated in writing.
  • • If your child is accepted the next step is the Registration Form, Standard of Conduct Form and the King of Kings School Parent Contract and setting up a Standing Order Mandate. The first fees are due one month before term begins.
  • • The Parent Contract includes attendance by parents of key dates (including Maintenance Days and Summer Banquet), general agreement to abide by rules and to pay fees.
  • • Please note that overseas applications will only be considered if students and their parents already have a British Visa.

FEES for 2018 to 2019 are £3,750.

Please contact us at:

  • J. Golamhossen
  • Admissions
  • King of Kings School,
  • 142 Dantzic St.,
  • Manchester,
  • M4 4DN
  • Tel: 0161 834 4214 (Please leave a message)
  • or email us at: