We want to ensure future generations of Godly people rooted and established in their faith and with an unselfish, confident and serving outlook on the world. We want to train the students to live out their faith with strength of character and wisdom.  Throughout the school day the emphasis is on the 60 character traits that Jesus exemplified, which are listed below.

Appreciative Creative Fearless Merciful Responsible
Attentive Decisive Flexible Observant Secure
Available Deferent Forgiving Optimistic Self-Controlled
Committed Dependable Friendly Patient Sincere
Compassionate Determined Generous Peaceful Submissive
Concerned Diligent Gentle Perseverant Tactful
Confident Discerning Honest Persuasive Temperare
Considerate Discreet Humble Prudent Thorough
Consistent Efficient Joyful Punctual Thrifty
Content Equitable Kind Purposeful Tolerant
Cooperative Fair Loyal Resourceful Truthful
Courageous Faithful Meek Respectful Virtuous

There is not one of these character traits that we would not want our children to have. The way we run the school through the PACEs, assemblies, responsibilities, goal setting, work life and play life- it is all geared around encouraging the growth of character in the children.

We want them to build these character traits – to identify them and to understand them and then to instil them into their own lives. The teachers see the discipline that the children receive as an opportunity to encourage them to consider if they could be ‘fair’, ‘resourceful’, or whichever character trait they need to work on.

If they struggle to get through their work, for example, the teachers talk with them about their desire – do they want to be ‘diligent’, ‘thorough’, ‘perseverant’? Can they be ‘determined’ with this maths page? The focus on the character traits enables us to teach the children to consider others and treat them with a Godly respect and to develop self-control and self esteem.  We want their hearts to be turned to God.