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 Student Convention


Each year the seniors, aged 12+, join the staff for a week at the European Student Convention (ESC). Medallists are able to compete in the International Student Convention (ISC) in America. We compete in team and individual academic, sporting, art, and platform and music performance events.  The venue for ESC includes Olympic standard sports facilities (running track, swimming pool, tennis and badminton courts, etc.) a concert hall, a theatre and beautiful grounds and accommodation.

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It is an opportunity for them to meet with a large number of Christian children, network with people from around Europe (and the world at ISC),  introduce themselves to new challenges, compete against a wide spectrum of abilities from all over Europe, attend evening rallies and, most importantly, meet with God. We use this opportunity to hone skills, improve confidence and strengthen character.

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The King of Kings School have been very successful in various areas of ESC, including winning the European and International title for the PACE Bowl General Knowledge competition. We recognise how amazing ESC is as a platform for improvement and networking. We now use ESC preparation and event participation as a major part of the Senior students’ curriculum.

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We have also picked up a significant number of other medals in the events we have entered. The rest of the school is closed during ESC (Easter holiday).

Students who have graduated are able to serve by helping out on the 24/7 team, which is an exciting opportunity to join with other young people to strengthen skills in service, events management and competition judging.

‘A’ Honour roll trips
Every term the Juniors and Seniors are able to earn ‘A’ Honour Roll or ‘B’ Honour Roll. This simply requires a good standard of work, 2 PACEs per week, the monthly Scripture and an average above 90% in the tests. ‘A’ Honour Roll earns a day of supervised fun outside school.

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Trips for ‘A’ Honour Roll have included ice skating, go-karting, a day on a barge, Laser Quest, the Museum of Science and Industry, skiing and sledging.


We have had a close relationship with Covenant Christian School in Stockport. This has led to shared events. One of these is the bi-annual trip to Barcaple in Scotland. This is a developmental week at a Christian outdoor pursuits centre. The centre staff lead devotions and encourage the children in worship and faith.  There is a wide range of different skills-building challenges, from kayaking and abseiling, to archery and search-and-rescue.  The children are stretched and developed, mentally, physically and socially.  Visit Barcaple’s website here.

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Other Visits
Where appropriate we aim to take the children to concerts, museums, art galleries and plays regularly. We enjoy being able to share cultural events with the students from musicals and ballets, to Shakespeare and picnics.  It is great to take them out for drawing buildings, local sights, trees in the park, etc.  We love to join with the parents on walks and trips.  We have visited Derbyshire and a couple of ice hockey matches together most recently.convention-02

Trips are also made to places of educational interest such as fire stations, airports and woods. As part of our SMSC policy, we take the children on Friday field trips around Manchester to introduce them to the buildings, businesses and cultural places of interest on our doorstep.  Living in Manchester, we enjoy many good local parks and country houses nearby.  We have had some wonderful historical ramblings around castles and cities like York and Chester. We also have joint events with other schools. These have included worship, training, debates and sports events. In 2010 we took a ski trip to Switzerland with the Abernathy Trust, the same people who run Barcaple.  Subsequently we have taken a group of children for skiing lessons locally.

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