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Ben Jeffery for website reduced sizeThis Spring Term the Chapel focus was on Loving Your Muslim Neighbour.  We invited Ben Jeffery from Interserve to come and speak to us for a month.

We looked at preconceptions and how to understand that all people are loved by God and how he wants us to do the same.  We looked at cultures, similarities and differences and demographics.

This was followed by a visit from some former missionaries to the Middle East, who spoke of their work and their friendships and life with people from all backgrounds.  The children spent a lot of time having fun, but it was also a very memorable, interesting and intelligent discussion time.

King of Kings School Logo Cropped

walkthrough-01We have been delighted to welcome in Tom King to do Walk Through the Bible with the children from Infants to Seniors. Last term he taught the children the Old Testament in a fun, interactive session. The children learn the order and relevance of the stories of the Bible, so they can better understand the message of the Bible.

This term we have been learning the New Testament story and it is very popular with the children. They love to act out the scenes, learn the signs and the words that help them to remember the order of the stories from the Bible. We want them to have a thorough grounding in the knowledge, so that they can grow in understanding and wisdom.

Find out more for yourselves at Bible Explorer

This is one of the ways in which we aim to teach the children to have a solid understanding of what the Good News truly is. Apologetics continues from here. The older seniors are encouraged to become involved in apologetics events outside of school, added to the sessions taught in school. We are great fans of the work of AIM (Apologetics in Manchester) and many staff and some families attend the bi-monthly sessions. For this see