Admissions FAQ

Do you have a Preschool?

Yes, we do. Our Preschool is a full year programme designed to develop the basic skills that prepare a child to be ready to learn to read. It is fun and interactive and consists of mastery of letter sounds and letter shapes, stories, songs, character training, scripture memory, physical development, play and much, much more. We accept children from the age of 3 who are able to interact and will enjoy the experience.

Please note: children must be potty trained before they come for assessment.

What admissions requirements do you have for overseas students?

Overseas applications will only be considered if both parents and children already possess a UK Visa. Language is not necessarily a barrier, but parents should consider that the less English their children speak and the older their children are, the longer it will take for their children to master English successfully. Parents should be prepared to put extra time and effort into their children’s work and to work with the school hand in hand.

Which Learning Centre will my child go into?

For students who are not yet reading there are two departments – Preschool and ABCs.

The outcome of the Reading Readiness Test will determine which of the two departments the student will enter.

Students who are already reading will go into the Infant Learning Centre if they are Year 1 to 2, the Junior Learning Centre if they are Year 3 to Year 6 and the Senior Learning Centre if they are Year 7 and over.

For the Infant, Junior and Senior Learning Centres, students will undergo diagnostic testing to determine their academic level and identify the gaps in their learning that require attention. This is how we can place them at a level exactly suited to their needs.

What do the fees cover?

As King of Kings School is an independent school we receive no government funding. All our costs are covered by fees, backers and donations.
The fees cover teaching, core and extra curriculum (PACEs etc.) and most lesson materials.

What do the parents need to provide?

The parents provide their children with their uniform (including ties, jumpers and bags, which they buy from the school). They should also provide their children with appropriate stationery, about which the supervisor can advise you. Trips and education visits may cost extra and European Student Convention will be billed at the time.

At what age will my child start learning to read?

Each child is assessed individually. Children will be given a Reading Readiness Test or Post Test as part of their Diagnostic Testing on entry to the school. The outcome of the Reading Readiness Test will determine whether the child is ready to read and they will then enter the ABCs Learning to Read programme. Entry into the reading programme is not based on age but rather on the child’s ‘readiness to read’. Children testing ready to read will progresss to the ABCs. If the child is not ready to read they will be directed to the Preschool programme and they will be retested at an appropriate interval.

What are the Fees?

The latest fees can be found here.
School Fees are payable by standing order monthly.  One month payable in advance.
Note: There is a 10% reduction for the second child and further reductions for further children.

What qualifications will my child gain at the school?

Students at King of Kings School work towards the International Certficate of Christian Education. The ICCE has been available for several years in this country and has been accepted by universities, both in the UK and abroad, as an alternative to the usual GCSE and GCE route. UKNARIC reported in 2011 that the ICCE is comparable to Cambridge International ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels, which placed it at a very high standard. Students have been successfully completing university degrees and vocational qualifications with the ICCE and its predecessor, NCSC, since 1992.

There are many success stories with this qualification, including students receiving top prizes at their university, gaining PhD qualifications and receiving National and European prizes. At the King of Kings we value ICCE, not purely for its excellent academics, but also for the sustained Christian input, which aids the staff in discipling and equipping the students for their role in society. We have been proud of all of our graduates. We have seen growth in Christian character and students who are ready to take on the world around them as they head off to their future careers.  More information on ICCE.