Complaints Procedure

Parents and others may bring up complaints informally by talking to a member of staff at the beginning or end of the day.  Parents are encouraged to keep short accounts, to bring up matters as they trouble them.

They may telephone a member of staff, especially at lunchtime.

If they are still unhappy, or feel they have not been heard, they may take their complaint to the Head Teacher informally.

If they are still not satisfied they may request an interview either with the member of staff or with the Head Teacher, usually to take place at the end of school.  This interview is normally within one working week.  If the Head Teacher is not available for longer than that, then the designated deputy may conduct the interview.  Notes should be taken.

If they wish to take it further, they may speak to one of the parent governors.

If that does not sort it, they may apply in writing, stating their complaint clearly, to meet the governors and the Head Teacher together.  They may bring someone with them either to observe, accompany or help them make their case.  Notes must be kept.

If they are still not satisfied with the outcome, then they may ask the governors to appoint a panel of three people not involved in the situation which may include some governors and must include one independent person used to sifting evidence.  Notes must be taken.  Again the complainant may attend and be accompanied if they wish.

Copies of the findings and recommendations must be made available to the complainant and to the person that the complaint is against (where appropriate).  Copies must be kept on the school premises and made available for inspection by the proprietor and the Head Teacher.

Panel to make findings and recommendations and ensure that all concerned receive a copy.

Written records must be kept of all complaints and outcomes.  These are confidential but may be shown to AM(S)L and to the Registration Authority.

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Copies are given to parents on request.  There are also copies available near the front entrance for parents to take away.

In 2016 – 2017 we had no complaints.