school-vision-01We believe that God has told us:

  • The vision to have leaders for the next generation is a major part of our direction.
  • The school is to be a light in a dark place.
  • The school is to be an ark of safety for the children.
  • From the pennies that we pour in, God pours forth gold.
  • These children are for the world.
  • Our ultimate goal is to rebuild the gate of education.
  • We are a diamond in the rough.
  • Character runs all through like letters in a stick of rock.

A phrase we often use when describing what we are building is, ‘the end product’. What is meant by that? The end product is the student. We are seeking something excellent in the students who leave the school having graduated and gone through the system.

  • We expect to see character to the core, like the words in a stick of rock.
  • We expect to see someone who is able to reach their full potential academically, socially, spiritually, emotionally, physically.
  • We expect to see someone who is ready, willing and able to enter into his local and global community to serve usefully and wholeheartedly.
  • We expect to see this, because that is what we experience – not disenfranchised youths, but upright, enthusiastic and capable young men and women.
  • We want the school to continue to build on what it is doing.
  • We want the school to grow and bless more families.
  • We want to see more of the end product.
  • We want a generation of students ‘Fit for Service’.