School Background


The King of Kings School was founded in 1986 by Dr. and Mrs. Lewis and several other parents who caught the vision for a Christian school. Dr. Philip and Mrs. Brenda Lewis moved to Manchester in 1984 with a prophecy to ‘start a school’. They joined with people from different churches to start the school on the 22nd September 1986, to provide a specifically Christian curriculum. The Lewis family had learned about Christian education when they became involved in a Christian school in Hemel Hempstead in 1983.

The vision of that school, to have leaders for the next generation, was set alight in Dr. and Mrs. Lewis during the time that their children attended that school and Mrs. Lewis worked there. Dr. and Mrs. Lewis came to Manchester with happy experiences of ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) and a belief that it would make an excellent starting place for the school. Initially they planned to replace this with a British curriculum. For some time the Lower School and Junior School used a part ACE and part National curriculum, while the Senior School used a British curriculum alone and progressed to GCSE. We were delighted with our results. At GCSE students performed extremely well and were placed at several leading independent school for 6th form.

We were increasingly unhappy with the National Curriculum itself – not just the material, but the philosophy it was unwittingly imparting to the students, especially at GCSE. At this point the NCSC (now ICCE) was set up by Christian Education Europe. (CEE, our curriculum provider. Visit them at We began tentatively, taking one student right the way through to 18. This student far surpassed the success of our previous students, which resulted in recognition from the university (communicated verbally and recognised by scholarships and the highest placing in the year). This was achieved while strengthening her Christian commitment.

So the King of Kings school direction was now set.  We were now available to be a school for parents who wanted Christian education for their children aged 3 to 18.  We have an amazing curriculum which is God-centred from the day they walk in the door, to the end. We have a superlative certificate, ICCE, which is comparable to Cambridge International A Levels and O Levels.  We also have a history of delivering great education with great results and wonderful students who have been graduating and living lives that glorify God.

“King of Kings School prepared me for success, both at university and in business. More importantly, it strengthened my heart for a lifestyle of serving the Lord Himself.” –  John, former student.