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This is such an exciting year for us.  We praise God for being with us for 30 years, from the 22nd September 1986, when the King of Kings School opcropped-picture-for-schools-30th-birthdayened.  We have had fun celebrating and our celebrations will continue for a little while yet!  The students had a special meal together and a celebratory time together listening to some of the history of how God has been with us all this time.  Balloon games will also feature in the student celebrations!

The school came together with parents and governors to praise God.  The Seniors lead worship with their band and we enjoyed eating loads of different cakes. We asked some of the students afterwards what they liked best and they had been really excited by praying together with the parents.

King of Kings School Logo Cropped







King of Kings School Logo Cropped

DSCN4839Mr and Mrs Golamhossen and their family were very privileged to be invited on a trip to Mauritius this summer.  An exciting highlight of their holiday was a visit to Morning Star School, one of the many many schools around the world using the same curriculum as King of Kings School.  They were welcomed by Pastor Len and shown around by Miss Leroux.  The Mauritian winter still provided a stunning backdrop of dark clouds and mountains to the very beautifully landscaped new school grounds.  The students were friendly, polite and interesting.  Their English was excellent and the visitors were greeted very politely by every student they spoke to.  The youngest family members were excited by the outside lego, and play equipment, but also enjoyed listening to the students talk about what PACEs they were doing.

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King of Kings School Logo Cropped

WP_20150717_019 Some Lower School Love


Graduating from the Infants


Some of the many Reading Readiness Class Creations of  the last yearIMG-20150718-WA0008IMG-20150718-WA0004IMG-20150718-WA0005


Infant Performances as part of our final assemblies and end of year productions.  School performances included showcasing French songs from French lessons, recorder recitals from recorder lessons and piano and singing recitals from piano lessons with our peripatetic piano teacher.

  IMG-20150718-WA0009 IMG-20150718-WA0010

Several students made lighthouses and our themed song of the year was Rend Collective’s ‘My Lighthouse’.

King of Kings School Logo Cropped

Renata Phillips:
“I’m a qualified nursery nurse based in an NHS nursery as an agency nursery nurse. As a student at King of Kings school I enjoyed my time spent there with the one to one and help from the teachers. School for me was a challenge as I didn’t go to school as much, but as I started at King of Kings things began to look brighter for me. I learnt to read and write and to grow closer to God. I started there with nothing, but as I started to trust God in every situation he brought me out on the other side.”

David Balogun:
“My experience at The King of Kings School was more than just curriculum education; it was education of the total man. A place of love, growth and hope are just a snippet of my school memories.”

John Lewis:
“King of Kings School prepared me for success, both at university and in business. More importantly, it strengthened my heart for a lifestyle of serving the Lord Himself.”

David Nwator: 
“Some of my fondest memories are still of my time at King of Kings School. The school and its staff provided me with a place to excel not only academically but across the board. Much of the opportunity I’ve been afforded in life can be attributed to my experience here. This is a fact I’m exceptionally grateful for.”