Junior Learning Centre

The Juniors are laying down foundations of knowledge, skills and self discipline for the future. They have a balance of individual and group work. One of their most crucial developments is learning to work independently and to play interdependently.

They work on their PACEs with an increased amount of responsibility and independence. They are constantly developing their communication skills through interactions with the teacher, with their class, during break times and in quizzes, Oral and Book Reports. The afternoon lessons provide a wide selection of practical lessons that enrich the PACE work. Music, Art and Design Technology, French and Practical Science are just some of these.

The Juniors work in a variety of different settings with a range of group activities, also having their own personal space to concentrate at their own desks.

A student who has learnt to read normally works in the six core curriculum subjects which are Maths, English, Literature and Creative Writing, Social Studies, Science and Word Building.  They also work through a very helpful and interesting additional set of PACEs – Animal Science and Bible Reading.

Each core subject (except Word Building) comprises 144 PACEs from the beginning of a child’s education to his graduation. In general a child will complete 12 PACEs each year in each core subject – an annual total of approximately 60 to 70+ PACEs.

Expanded Curriculum
The first four levels of PACEs (1001–1048), embrace a number of supplementary subjects which may be taken by children who have advanced well beyond their chronological age. Animal Science and Bible Reading PACEs are useful for broadening the child’s learning base and preventing them advancing beyond their maturity level.

Staff training and qualifications

  • All school staff are DBS certified.
  • All Supervisors receive external professional training to administer and facilitate the Junior Learning Centre.
  • All learning centre monitors receive in-house training to facilitate the Junior Learning Centre.