About the Learning Centres

deparments-01Each department at the King of Kings school is designed to fit the students for the next level. The curriculum is individualised and integrated, seemlessly moving the students towards fulfilling their potential.

We have three Lower School Learning Centres and one, shared Upper School Learning Centre.  Each Learning Centre is run by a Supervisor and may also have a Monitor, who assists the Supervisor to run the Learning Centre.

Lower School – Preschool, ABCs, and Infants
Upper School – Juniors and Seniors

The Learning Centre is a place of quiet study, where the students work individually on their specially diagnosed curriculum.  Each student has his own desk, or office, where he is able to experience a stable, personal environment.  He works through his workbooks (PACEs) and signals the Supervisor or Monitor when he needs assistance.  This leads to a very independent group of students who are able to take responsibility and control of their work, knowing their work styles and abilities.  The Learning Centre also enables them training to have goal setting and research skills.

Greater Lion Kings 2Our integrated system takes the students through to ICCE levels General to Advanced (preparing them for work, college or university). We take students of all types and conditions, denominations and backgrounds. Although we have extremely high academic standards, character development is given equal place.

Character development and discipleship – how do we do this?

deparments-02There is daily emphasis on character, from the first thing in the day in assembly, where we discuss the 60 character traits that are infused throughout the PACES. The character traits include: friendly, kind, peaceful, purposeful, resourceful and truthful. (See the full list in ‘About Us – Values‘). Are there any you would not want your child to develop?

These are found in every PACE in verses, poems, stories and cartoons. The characters and the dilemmas they face regularly challenge the students to think about their own attitudes. The staff also talk directly with students about their character, admonishing and encouraging.  We are discipling the children, not just watching them.  We can meet the needs of the individual at the time.  This is part of the beauty of the Learning Centre and the individualisation: we can deal with each situation as it arises.

We also have whole-school Christian assemblies, daily devotionals and weekly Scripture or Chapel lessons. We are not only working towards social skills development, but spiritual development.