alumni-01The school began with 13 students, more than half of whom entered top universities, including Bristol, Durham, Newcastle, Aberystwyth and York. They graduated in Maths, English, Linguistics, Medicine and History and other subjects with BA and BSc Hons, MScs, MAs and a PhD. Our first NCSC (now ICCE) student graduated from Durham at the top of Davitaher year and went on to York to do her Linguistics MA. She earned a PhD, spending a scholarship year in the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania.

StephSince then our students have had success in various fields – academic, evangelistic and vocational – including translation, teaching and the setting up of a design company. They live in various places around the world, including America, Zimbabwe, Germany, Canada and Hungary as well as being spread all over Britain.

Our recent graduates have gone on to serve God and their communities, and to enter top universities including Durham, York, Leicester, Sheffield and Liverpool to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Japanese, Maths, Business, Music, Physiotherapy, Medicine and English. See our ‘School news and achievements’ page in the ‘news/events’ section for up-to-date information on some of our alumni.


Renata“I’m a qualified nursery nurse based in an NHS nursery as an agency nursery nurse. As a student at King of Kings school I enjoyed my time spent there with the one to one and help from the teachers. School for me was a challenge as I didn’t go to school as much, but as I started at King of Kings things began to look brighter for me. I learnt to read and write and to grow closer to God. I started there with nothing, but as I started to trust God in every situation he brought me out on the other side.” – Renata Phillips

David B 2“My experience at The King of Kings School was more than just curriculum education; it was education of the total man. A place of love, growth and hope are just a snippet of my school memories.” – David Balogun  

John“King of Kings School prepared me for success, both at university and in business. More importantly, it strengthened my heart for a lifestyle of serving the Lord Himself.”– John Lewis

Nwator family“Some of my fondest memories are still of my time at King of Kings School. The school and its staff provided me with a place to excel not only academically but across the board. Much of the opportunity I’ve been afforded in life can be attributed to my experience here. This is a fact I’m exceptionally grateful for.” – David Nwator 

Karan“King of Kings helped me to strive for excellence in all things, not only academic. The supportive, family environment encouraged me to look forward to the future and become the person I am.”                            – Karan Yamada 

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