ABCs Learning Centre

Here in the ABCs they build on the skills they have learned in Preschool, learning to read phonetically, to write and to do simple maths, including addition, subtraction and counting to 100. They are still learning through stories, songs and workbooks. When the ABCs pass their Post Test, they are ready to read and to join the Infant Learning Centre, progressing at their own PACE. The Post Test is designed to test them for complete understanding and mastery and they achieve a score of 100% before progressing. They then become ‘mini-infants’, as they put into practice all that they have learned and begin their reading scheme as well as begin the same core curriculum they will follow throughout the school.

The Preschool and ABCs join the Infants for break times and, after an afternoon nap, for those who need it, for afternoon lessons. There are a wide variety of interesting activities, ranging from learning through play and messy footprint painting to Information Technology, practical Science and Geography. They attend the Manchester Institute of Gymnastics where they gain badges in gymnastics.

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The ABCs of ACE Learning to Read Programme is designed to prepare a student for learning independently using PACEs. The duration of this programme is approximately 12-15 weeks after which the student is given an ABCs Post Test.

The student must be able to identify and correctly write the letters of the alphabet, say each letter sound

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clearly, and “blend” the sounds and letters they have learned together to form words. At the beginning of this programme the student is dependent on the Supervisor who is responsible to impart and teach. All work is done “lock-step” at this stage.

Students in the ABCs will work through 12 Word Building and 3 Maths PACEs. As the student progresses, they learn to take responsibility for their own learning and begin to work through PACEs at their own speed.  The Supervisor’s role is now to train students to set their own goals, assess readiness to take a PACE Test, praising, encouraging, motivating and building Christ-like character in the student.

The Preschool programme complements the ABCs programme by using the same phonics, animal pictures and letters.

Staff training and qualifications

  • All school staff are DBS certified.
  • All Supervisors receive external professional training to administer and facilitate the ABCs Learning Centre.
  • All learning centre monitors receive in-house training to facilitate the ABCs Learning Centre.
  • All Supervisors and monitors complete Preschool Reading Systems Training to administer the ABCs Learning Centre.