ACE Software

Accelerated Christian Education offers computer-based learning materials and software for Christian schools and home educators. Stand-alone educational software enhances academic electives and learning-to-read programs. The software provides learning materials that complement our curriculum, but they are equally effective when used independently to supplement classroom activities and build skills through practice.

A.C.E. Bible on CD
Bible study software from A.C.E. with lightning-fast word and phrase search for Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, and XP. “At last…world-class Bible study software that’s easy to use.” Features the beloved King James Version. Beginners like its simplicity, pastors and teachers its feature-packed power.

Readmaster Plus (updated version of ACMS program)
One low price for a one-year license with unlimited usage for each computer license purchased*!

Four distinct software programs included on one CD! Word Builder, Math Builder, Readmaster and Typemaster.

  • Rewards students with special activities included on the CD
  • Prints out a merit certificate to be used with your school merit system
  • Prints student history reports for all programs to track student use and progress
  • Personalizes all of the programs to optimize learning for individual students
  • Provides a user-friendly environment created by similar style, appearance, and functionality of each program within the suite

Word Builder
To give your students additional help and drill in word usage, pronunciation, and spelling, use A.C.E.’s Word Builder. Activities track Accelerated Christian Education’s Word Building PACE series from Level 2 through Level 8.

Math Builder®
Use A.C.E.’s Math Builder to enhance your students’ abilities to use math facts and master all the basic math skills commonly learned in Levels 1 through 6.

This exciting program helps readers of all ages improve their reading rates and comprehension. Based on the Christian Character Series, the program lets students actively participate in their learning processes.

This entertaining and challenging keyboarding program is designed for Levels 1 through 6. Drills and practice activities build skills and reinforce character-building principles presented in the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum.