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DSCN4950Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness… our harvest festival was a celebration of God’s gifts to us.

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The students brought a selection of vegetables (which we made intDSCN4960o a meal and ate together), crazy fruit (which they all tried) and food for the food bank.  WDSCN4968e have arranged a trip to the food bank to see the work that people are doing in communities in Manchester.  Our harvest festival assembly included a presentation on the farming year in the North West, a powerpoint of harvest, as well as poems read by students and all of us worshiping God together.  The photos of Autumn above were taken by the students in the playground.

It was great to think about British culture and to compare it to some of the cultures we have been looking at recently.  We have been continuing with our Chinese lessons with Qi Jie and, in connection with Science lessons based on sound, the students visited the audiology department of the MRI and the students were all very excited to be speaking silently when we welcomed Mrs Coupe who taught the children British Sign Language.


These are not the only languages that we have been studying, however, Miss Judson continues to introduce us to simple Arabic and the customs she was brought up with as she grew up in Lebanon, Egypt, and Cyprus.  Some of the pictures she showed us explained how different or similar our cultures are.

Mr and Mrs Golamhossen were able to share their stories of a summer in Mauritius, where More cousinsthey had gone to visit their family and Great grandma makes the foodfriends. biryani on the beach again with our familyThey showed photos of the friendly hospitality they received from them and explained how the Muslim culture places great importance on being generous and welcoming.

In a very interesting contrast, our former Head Girl, Karan, came to visit us and joined us for assembly.  We asked her to talk a little bit about life after her degree in Japanese.  Karan told us about moving to Japan and the big differences in culture between England and Japan.  She explained how being isolated as a community can lead to being fearful of other people.  She talked about the different religions of Japan and some of the history. She also spoke about the food, the amazing punctuality and many interesting details of her life for the last few months as she has moved out to Japan.  We were very blessed to have her come in to see school during her 5 day visit to England.  Thank you, Karan!

One of our students’ favourite cultural ‘lessons’ was the most recent.  Last week we were saying goodbye to our Swiss exchange students from La Bergerie Christian school, near lake Geneva.  We had welcomed them with tea and traditional English cakes and brave chats over table tennis and table football.  On their last day they asked if they could come in to pray for our school.  Their teenagers all prayed for us and shared precious Map of Switzerlandthings with us.  Our students responded by asking if they could pray for them too.  It was lovely.  We are very grateful to Covenant Christian School for opening up this opportunity of generously sharing the exchange visitors with us.  The students enjoyed using their French.