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WP_20150703_003Jesus Loves You (Chinese)We’ve been enjoying new Chinese lessons this term.  This is for the whole school and the students are very enthusiastic.  The first lesson included learning to form Chinese characters with brushes. This new enjoyment hasn’t interfered with the Juniors singing French songs at the top of their voices (and in good tune!).  The students in the Juniors are making such good progress, that they are ready for Latin next term.  Meanwhile we have the exciting prospect of our French language exchange in October.  A group of students from a Christian school in Switzerland will be visiting and we are teaming up with Covenant Christian School to host them.  The return trip will be in the Spring and we’re prepping our conversational skills.


The green-fingered Infants have been very busy and successful this term.  There are tomatoes, beans, chillis, lavender and various other interesting plants here.  We’re looking forward to an activity day with Covenant Christian School this week, followed by our annual Summer Banquet.   We have friends old and new coming to eat, fellowship and enjoy the children’s performances.  They’ll probably get a good opportunity to enjoy the lovely displays that the Infants, Preschool and Juniors have been working on.


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