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EUROPEAN STUDENT CONVENTION – Mark Golamhossen                            

I volunteer my time each year to be one of the chief adjudicators at ESC. While there I run a team that covers all of the academic events. We make sure that all the events are run properly with an emphasis on the spiritual and character development of the students. ESC is one of the most rewarding experiences I have with great students, teachers and organisers all working together to make Christ known, one child at a time. The evening rallies were inspirational and it was powerful to see past students preaching.

Beccy Judson                        WORD ALIVE – Beccy Judson

I went to Word Alive 2015 in Butlins, Prestatyn.  I was there as a steward, part of the team of helpers.  I loved being able to help people in so many ways.  I learned so much and listened to some sound Christian teachings. Two particular highlights, out of so many, were worshiping Him with about 1200 others in the evenings and then the interview with George Verwer, founder of OM, during one of the evening meetings. He told us that even after 60 years of being a Christian, temptations are still there daily and that we need to keep trusting in His forgiveness and love for us. It was wonderful to meet up with old friends, and make new ones, as well as have times wonderful fellowship, food and fun.

SOUTH AFRICA – Anne Kellar                      Anne Kellar  

I was so excited to return to S. Africa over the Easter holidays. We had lived there previously and cared for disadvantaged children in our home.

What a joy to see our precious boys again! They had all grown, but the bonds were still there, and we were soon talking together about the “Good Old Days.”  Nearly all the boys are doing well – following the Lord Jesus, and are studying or have jobs. They have developed into well rounded and happy individuals. It was humbling to receive gifts from them as they said, “Thank You.”

One of the boys graduated as a doctor while we were there, another is a pastor, and another is working as a journalist on S. African television. I remember them as little boys, and am so proud and amazed at their progress. God has been so faithful.

While we were in Durban some xenophobic attacks broke out. It was a frightening time; we ended up having to shelter two boys from Uganda. Their lives were in danger, and they were traumatized by the events. We read Psalm 91 together and sang, “In the Name of Jesus, We have the Victory.” The fear left and we were filled with the joy and confidence of the Lord. We proved together that God was with us.